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Pam Grier, Danny Trejo, and Sasha Grey star in sexploitation homage that somehow has nothing to do with Quentin Tarantino

In news that, no matter how many times we read it, still somehow has nothing to do with Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez, Pam Grier, Michael Madsen, and Brigitte Nielsen have all joined the sexploitation homage Skinny Dip, a film that will cast porn-star-turned-super-serious-porn-star Sasha Grey in a tawdry action flick that involves plenty of guns and breasts, but, you know, in a lovingly stylized way.  Directed by Frankie Latina, Skinny Dip finds Grey playing a victimized young woman who fights back against her attackers while wearing a purloined police uniform and brandishing a shotgun, a scenario ably summed up by the film’s tagline: “They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge.” And like Latina’s similar 2010 film Modus Operandi, it also stars Danny Trejo. Seriously, there’s no mention of Tarantino or Rodriguez anywhere in this thing. Maybe if we read it again.

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