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Pakistan police arrest motorcycle-riding New Year's werewolf

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Photo: Rebecca Nelson (Getty Images)

For most of us, this New Year’s Eve was quieter than usual. In Peshawar, Pakistan, however, the last day of 2020 ended with police apprehending a werewolf who decided to see out the year by riding around on a motorcycle and making werewolf noises at passersby.

The moon-crazed creature in question, obviously a big fan of ‘70s biker horror B-movie Werewolves On Wheels, was captured by local police after he was discovered cruising around Peshawar’s Moti neighborhood, “allegedly making roaring noises at people,” according to a story from The Independent.

In case you were worried this imagery would never exist outside of your mind, please enjoy a photo of the ferocious man-beast humbled in chains and blanket cloak tweeted by Omar R. Quraishi.


Another photo, shared by @9Newstv, shows the werewolf riding his metal steed before the law hunted him down, wrapping his paws in (presumably silver) handcuffs.

Why the werewolf was roused from his slumber is yet unknown. The Independent writes that the police have “filed an initial chargesheet against the individual, who has not yet been identified, and say they are investigating his motives for the act.” This is a futile exercise. When we ask what drives the werewolf to roar at people from his motorcycle, we may as well ask what leads the predator to eternally hunt its prey. The werewolf operates on instinct. It acts without thinking, motivated on some cell-deep level by the faint scent of blood on the air, the feel of a powerful engine at its command, the sensation of the evening breeze ruffling its fur as one year ends and another begins.


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