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Paget Brewster to star in Harvey Birdman spin-off for Adult Swim

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Photo: Joe Scarnici (Getty Images for TV Land)

Until last year, it had been over a decade since legendary legal drama Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law had last graced the airwaves of Adult Swim. The show was a meta parody of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons starring a flying superhero from a ‘60s action show called Birdman And The Galaxy Trio, and Adult Swim brought it back in 2018 for a one-off special about Stephen Colbert’s Phil Ken Sebben becoming the President Of The United States. Adult Swim was apparently happy with how that turned out, because now the Harvey Birdman series will live on with Birdgirl, a spin-off series with Paget Brewster reprising her dual roles as Harvey Birdman’s assistant/sidekick Birdgirl and Sebben’s daughter Judy—though, now that we think about it, the two characters do look and sound an awful lot alike.


According to Variety, the new show will revolve around Birdgirl becoming the CEO of Sebben & Sebben, which has become “the world’s largest and most nonsensical corporation” since the original show (where it was just a big law firm, more or less). We don’t know if any other characters from the original series will appear, though Stephen Colbert is definitely too busy now to stop in for a regular role on an Adult Swim cartoon. Hearing Gary Cole’s Birdman again would be nice, but all we really want is more of Peter MacNicol’s X The Eliminator. After all, somebody has to get the crrrrrrrrest on Birdgirl’s helmet!

Adult Swim has already given the project a series order, but the Variety story does not have a premiere date.

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