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Criminal Minds and Community’s Paget Brewster is set to co-star with John Stamos in the new Fox comedy Grandpa, written by The Office’s Danny Chun. The premise involves Stamos—whose name in the show is Jimmy, but that doesn’t matter here—living a typically Stamos lifestyle of being handsome, bedding supermodels, and then suddenly realizing that he has an adult son (Josh Peck) with a two-year-old daughter.


According to Deadline, Brewster will play Stamos’ old flame Sara, a “former rocker chick” who became pregnant during their love affair and then apparently stopped rocking and became just a chick. She raised their son Gerald single-handedly, not bothering to disrupt in flagrante Stamos with the news. Sara is “seemingly contemptuous of [Stamos’] bachelor persona—but underneath, their old attraction may still be simmering.” And why wouldn’t it still be simmering? After all, Stamos performed with the Beach Boys, and who rocks harder than the Beach Boys?

The best part about this premise is that Sarah is persuaded to introduce Gerald to Stamos because the son “wants a strong father figure to teach him how to navigate the rocky shoals of romance.” Of course Gerald wants to learn from the master, but you’ll have to tune in to Fox to see if Stamos will take time out of driving sports cars and buying old Disneyland signs to provide such tutelage. We suspect he will, because if you teach a man to Stamos, that man will Stamos for a lifetime.

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