P.T. Anderson's sixth feature, allegedly called The Master, will finally begin shooting next month, according to our pals over at the exhaustively awesome  P.T. Anderson fan site Cigarettes And Red Vines. The movie has been limbo-ing a little bit—you may have read our news piece on Universal's decision not to distribute the film, supposedly because of its budget. What's known about the film: It'll star Philip Seymour Hoffman as an L. Ron Hubbard-esque character in the '50s. Jeremy Renner was apparently in talks to play his protege, and Reese Witherspoon his wife. If you have a while and a love for Anderson, you can read all the play-by-play over at Cigs & Red Vines. In any case, we're excited: PTA is 40 years old and has already made five pretty much perfect movies. Discuss. (Not that you need to be prompted.) (Oh, and the still is from Hard Eight, which you should probably see if you haven't.)