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Oxygen orders new shows for young women about witches, dating, finding dads

Oxygen recently released a brief overview of some of its upcoming, “vibrant” projects aimed at young women—young women who are totally into witches, absent fathers, and waning reality stars. Sister Witches (working title) will offer a glimpse into the lives of three sisters “learning to harness their witchy powers,” while running a magic shop with their crazy witch mom. The twentysomething sisters face the struggle so many young women do, such as balancing a normal life as an occupational therapist while also using spells and potions to solve customers’ romance problems.

Like Flavor Flav, Oxygen has also decided to roll with Hoopz in the upcoming Aunt Nikki, starring Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander. The reality show will focus on the Flavor Of Love winner, her five sisters, and 11 nieces and nephews, all living under one roof on a ranch in rural Tennessee. It will also emphasize Alexander’s long-distance relationship with Shaquille O’Neal. Can Hoopz really have it all?


Speaking of long-distance romance, another Oxygen reality show, Love On The Line, will give online couples the chance to finally meet IRL. But first the cyber lovers will have to meet each other’s family and friends, thus finding out that the person they’ve been dating for two years is a total troll more slowly.

Rounding out the new project lineup is Wantrepreneur, a show where young, successful, self-made business owners will turn their lazier peers’ hobbies (knitting, surfing) into legitimate businesses. There’s also Finding My Father, which is pretty self-explanatory.    

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