The Conjuring

The owners of the Rhode Island farmhouse depicted in James Wan’s The Conjuring are suing the filmmaker and Warner Brothers, claiming that the release of the film has ruined the house for them, the Associated Press reports. Fans of the movie might suspect this to be the result of the owners worrying about ghost hands clapping near their ears every time they go in the basement, or crazy witch monsters hanging out on top of their wardrobe; but really, Norma Sutcliffe and her husband are suing because of fans, and their inability to obey “No Trespassing” signs.

According to the complaint, trespassers keep coming onto the property despite posted warning signs, no doubt posing by the infamous hanging tree and photoshopping dangling feet into the image later on. Sutcliffe says online videos show people coming up to their house, and that the movie has turned their home into a “mockery,” one that not even Patrick Wilson with glued-on sideburns can fix. The couple is seeking unspecified monetary damages, but we think they should prepare for the inevitable rebuttal from Warner Brothers’ lawyer that goes something like, “Ew. Why would anyone want to live in that creepy house anyway?”


Meanwhile, The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. That one takes place in England though, so if it’s filmed on location you’ll have to hop a plane if you’re set on invading someone’s privacy for one lousy picture.