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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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It has been firmly established that Jay Z is from New York—he speaks of the city with the specificity of a poet. On occasion, Mr. Z even references particular addresses wherein he plied his trades, which have included rapping, mogul-ing, and exchanging controlled substances for "stacks on stacks on stacks" of paper currency. One such place, mentioned in the popular song "Empire State Of Mind" is 560 State Street, in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill neighborhood. It was established in 2012 that Hova called Apartment 10C home, and the Daily Mail is now reporting that that very unit—in which Mr. Carter very likely ate, slept, planned various mogul-ings, and hid illicit drugs—is available for purchase. It's a modest two-bed, bath-and-a-half affair, perfect for a family with one child, or an aspiring rapper looking to hide contraband. At 1,045 square feet, there is probably room to store "stacks," though "stacks on stacks" could make the place feel cramped. Sotheby's has the listing; the current owner is asking $870,000, and there's an open house this weekend…


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