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Own an extra-tiny Li’l Sebastian with Parks And Rec Funko Pops

(Photo: Funko.com)

Li’l Sebastian may be up in horsey heaven, but you can now own an adorable memorial to that most special of tiny equines in the form of a Funko Pop! doll. The toy company is releasing an entire line of figurines dedicated to the residents of Parks And Recreation’s Pawnee, Indiana. So now your desk can be adorned with either a miniature Leslie Knope to remind you about the value of a strong work ethic, or a miniature April Ludgate to remind you that work is largely bullshit.

(Photo: Funko.com)

Other characters transformed into Pop!s include Ron Swanson, naturally, as well as both Andy Dwyer and his alter ego Bert Macklin. You can see the rest here. They are due out in July.

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