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Owen Wilson reflects on military school and Wes Anderson in this Hiking With Kevin exclusive

It was a roughly two years ago that comedian and SNL alum Kevin Nealon turned his love for hiking into a DIY interview series, Hiking With Kevin. The popular YouTube series, in which Nealon, his A-list pals, and a selfie stick converse while traversing some gorgeous terrain, recently hosted the likes of Kristen Bell, Lily Tomlin, and Courteney Cox. On Thursday, he’ll pound the dirt with Owen Wilson, and The A.V. Club’s here with an exclusive look at their chat.

In the above clip, Wilson dishes on the two years he spent in military school, the spiel he was forced to deliver before meals, and how his roommate helped to facilitate his friendship with filmmaker Wes Anderson. That, as it turned out, was kind of important, as Wilson’s Hollywood breakthrough was in Anderson’s 1996 debut, Bottle Rocket (which still holds up). Now, after his signature “Wow” was memed into oblivion, Wilson is re-teaming with Anderson for The French Dispatch and making his MCU debut on Disney+’s Loki series.

The full interview with Wilson premieres on Thursday, March 19 on Nealon’s YouTube channel.

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