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Owen Wilson is becoming a talking crayon

Let's play "Which unclaimed crayon looks the most like it could be voiced by Owen Wilson?"

For the last couple of years, Owen Wilson has made his living doing two things: acting in semi-serious movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Midnight In Paris; and voicing cartoon cars, birds, and dogs in children’s movies. (Let’s just ignore The Internship altogether.) He’ll continue doing the latter as—no joke—the voice of a talking crayon in the upcoming The Hero Of Color City. The film follows a “heroic band of talking adventure-seeking crayons,” of which Wilson will be one of indeterminate color, even though the entire Internet is hoping it’ll be butterscotch.

Christina Ricci is alread on board to play the yellow crayon, while Wayne Brady will play the blue crayon. Rosie Perez will, of course, play the red crayon. Craig Ferguson is also in the movie, though he somehow managed to nab a role where he doesn’t have to play personified wax. Based on the poster art and trailer, the movie boasts an animation style that could best be described as “sub-VeggieTales”—something that maybe could have been avoided, if only the animators had used heroic crayons instead of computers.

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