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Owel finds itself in the “Pale Soft Light” on new track

Owel (Photo: Dimitry Mak)

Owel is a band obsessed with expanse. Utilizing string arrangements while making sweeping post-rock songs, the effect is music that’s ornate but not so delicate it can’t be grasped. The songs have a swing to them, not unlike the way Foxing makes ruminative tracks that you can still sway along to. On November 11, Equal Vision Records will release Dear Me and The A.V. Club is streaming “Pale Soft Light,” a song that hits on all of Owel’s established sounds while exploring the boundaries of its sound. In excess of seven minutes, Owel makes a track that’s ambient yet anchored, as sweeping crescendos are balanced against subtly affecting choruses. Vocalist Jay Sakong animated the video for the song and also had this to say about the track’s creation:

Years ago while I was at a friends party, I noticed he had a ukulele. After tinkering around with it for a little while I came up with the chord progression and melody for the verses of this song. I got as far as the chorus and couldn’t really come up with anything then, but before making this record I revisited that idea with a fresh mind. It turned out quite different than what I had expected it to be initially. We had a lot of fun finding that distorted bass tone for the end. We knew we wanted it to be super heavy without the use of layered guitar chords, so the bass had to carry that responsibility.


Pre-orders for Dear Me are available now through Equal Vision Records.

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