Big Boi has again confirmed what Andre 3000 already confirmed two years ago: There won’t be another OutKast record any time soon. The group’s less dandyish half told RevoltTV that, despite the group’s upcoming reunion shows, “There’s no album in the works.”

Lest long-suffering OutKast fans feel bummed by that news, Big Boi did confirm that both he and Andre 3000 are working on solo records, which we suppose could then be played simultaneously on two separate stereos to simulate an OutKast record. Both could then also sync up with The Wizard Of Oz.


In all seriousness, Big Boi’s next project is pop culture-related: Along with Common, Wale, and some other compatriots, he’s set to release a Game Of Thrones-themed mixtape in the next couple of weeks. Other “special guests” are promised, which we’ll assume includes Hodor.