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Outer Spaces (Photo: Micah E. Wood)

Cara Beth Satalino may not be a household name, but her work with Witches—and now Outer Spaces—proves she’s more than deserving of that level of recognition. Though Outer Spaces has only released a few EPs and a single on Matador, the band has finally prepped their debut full-length, A Shedding Snake, and will release it on May 27 via Don Giovanni Records. Today, The A.V. Club is offering the first look at A Shedding Snake with the song and video for “I Saw You.” While it’d be easy to typify “I Saw You” as folk-rock—it has hallmarks of both genres—that descriptor doesn’t fully speak to the song’s power. Instead, Satalino finds a way to make the song feel ethereal yet still grounded in tradition, making Outer Spaces an apt moniker for a band this adventurous.

Pre-orders for A Shedding Snake are available now through Don Giovanni Records and iTunes.

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