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Outer space is endless in Ad Astra's vivid new IMAX trailer

In advance of James Gray’s anticipated Ad Astra blasting off at TIFF next week, a new trailer has been dropped teasing its eventual IMAX release. Well, it gets the job done, because now we can’t imagine not seeing it in a way engulfs every single one of our senses.

As we’ve seen in its previous trailers, Ad Astra follows Brad Pitt’s astronaut as he searches for his space-pioneering pops (Tommy Lee Jones), who’s apparently behind “an uncontrolled anti-matter reaction that threatens our entire solar system.” Also, space buggy fights! Moon cities! Liv Tyler!

The above clip is filled with awe-inspiring, larger-than-life vistas, as well as intergalactic action scenes that would only benefit from the intricate textures of an IMAX experience. It also offers a bit ominousness in a sonorous Donald Sutherland soundbite: “The enemy up here is not a person or a thing, it’s the endless void.”


Pitt, Jones, and Tyler star alongside Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland, and Jamie “Malibu’s Most Wanted” Kennedy. Ad Astra hits IMAX and regular ‘ol theaters on September 20.

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