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Our TV Reviews section has a big week next week, including reviews of How I Met Your Mother and Homeland

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Hello, everyone. It’s your weekly update on which shows the TV Reviews section will be reviewing next week. With so many shows premiering, it’s bound to be our biggest week of the year, and we’re looking forward to letting you know what to watch and what to skip!


Monday reviews:

  • Todd VanDerWerff looks at the ninth season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, debuting Monday night.
  • He’ll also review the series premiere of CBS’ new Anna Faris vehicle, Mom. (Yes, he’ll be doing the week-to-week reviews. We’re still working out the divide between this section and TV Club.)
  • Phil Dyess-Nugent looks at the pilot of NBC’s new James Spader-starring thriller, The Blacklist. (See above, in re: covering the show week to week.)
  • Zack Handlen digs into CBS’ new “limited series” (whatever that means) Hostages, premiering Monday.
  • Todd also checks out Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., as he’s the only one who got to see the series’ pilot, thanks to ABC’s weird paranoia about it leaking. That debuts Tuesday.
  • Molly Eichel, meanwhile, looks at The Goldbergs, if she can somehow get past all of the yelling. That also debuts Tuesday.
  • Meanwhile, Todd is going to look at Trophy Wife, which shares an hour with Goldbergs. If there’s one thing Todd loves, it’s ironic titling.
  • Brandon Nowalk digs into ABC’s other Tuesday debut, Lucky 7, which will let you know not everything is hunky dory once you win the lottery.
  • Finally, we wanted to make sure to offer some comments on the final season of Dexter, so Todd will do that as well.

Wednesday reviews:

  • David Sims head out onto the diamond for ABC’s new Wednesday comedy, Back In The Game. He wishes he was related to a snarling James Caan.
  • Parks & Recreation is back for its sixth season, and it’s headed to London. Erik Adams has seen what happens to Leslie and company over there, and he’ll let you know how it goes.
  • There are two big stars bringing comedies to two different networks Thursday night. Todd VanDerWerff watches the first, The Michael J. Fox Show.
  • Then Erik Adams checks out the second, as Robin Williams brings his shtick to CBS with the brand new The Crazy Ones, also on Thursdays.
  • Curious to know how Homeland is going to come back from the wildly divisive end of season two? Sonia Saraiya has seen the first two episodes of season three, debuting a week from Sunday, and she’ll have the review.
  • Carrie Raisler somehow managed to stay awake for all of Betrayal, so she’ll let you know how ABC’s new Sunday series starts out.
  • Phil Dyess-Nugent checks out the first couple of episodes of Eastbound & Down's final season. Find out what Kenny Powers is up to along with him.
  • Todd has seen six—count ‘em, six—episodes of Showtime’s new Masters Of Sex, and he really liked them. He’ll let you know why next week.
  • Finally, Erik Adams checks out HBO’s new Stephan Merchant project, Hello Ladies, to round out our rundown of all the new shows turning up next week.

We’ll see you on Monday and Wednesday, with all of these pieces!