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Yesterday, Kumail Nanjiani removed his shirt and embarrassed us all.

The comedian and actor’s svelte, ropey physique, he elaborated, was sculpted by Marvel’s crack stable of trainers and nutritionists to ensure the normal, healthy body he displayed across six seasons of HBO’s Silicon Valley wouldn’t get him laughed off of The Eternals. The subsequent, inevitable thirsting was mostly of the PG-13 sort, but, as the posts piled up, Nanjiani’s mug spiraled deeper into the vortex that eventually consumes all beloved things.


Yes, we’re talking about Pornhub.


In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, Nanjiani revealed that he was the new face of the X-rated site’s “Muscular Men” section. One wonders, however, if this could be considered false advertising, as we’re going to assume Nanjiani doesn’t have any hardcore pornography of his own waiting beyond that link. 


You may, however, find a Hamilton rip, so not all’s lost.

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