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Our robot overlords continue to take over TV, this time with help from Jessica Alba

(Screenshot: Spy Kids: All The Time In The World)

Sorry, feeble organic lifeforms, robots are taking over television. Having landed a beachhead with AMC’s Humans, and planted a flag with HBO’s ambitious adaptation of Westworld, our new cybernetic overlords have launched Girl 10, an upcoming drama from first-time producer Jessica Alba.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series concerns one of the world’s ten synthetic humans, who’s being investigated for murder, even as she tries to stop the technology that created her from being weaponized. No word as to whether Alba will star in the show, but doing so would be a nice career full-circle, as her breakout role was on Dark Angel, in which she played a genetically-engineered super-soldier who breaks away from her handlers.


Alba’s co-producer, Ken Woodruff, will script the pilot (he’s also a writer/producer for Gotham and The Mentalist), so the show’s got its genre bona fides well in hand. Girl 10 could be a flop like Fox’s previous attempt at AI, Almost Human, or it could find a sizable audience in people looking for a Westworld without all the genital touching.

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