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Our officemates keep stealing the A.V. Undercover room for their own band

Screenshot: YouTube

Two years ago, a quartet of our officemates from The Onion and ClickHole sneaked into the A.V. Undercover room to bang out a cover of “Sugarhigh” off the Empire Records soundtrack. While we were under the impression that they had been disciplined for this infraction and learned an important lesson, we were wrong. Fancy Bread, which consists of Will Feinsten (vocals), Leonardo Adrian Garcia (guitar), Marcus Nuccio (drums), Hannah Levy (bass), and new member Karl Blomberg (keyboards), has returned with a cover of “Supermodel” from the Clueless soundtrack. They are all now wearing sunglasses, because they are young, and they are hip, and they do not care about the clearly stated rules about using the A.V. Undercover room after-hours.

Management has been informed.


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