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Our new video series is coming to Los Angeles next week, c’mon down

A few weeks ago, The A.V. Club—with presenting sponsor Honda—launched a new video series called Pioneering, in which we visit locations around America that are associated with pioneering musical acts, and spend some time with a current musical guest as well.

In each of the cities we’re visiting, we’re filming a special performance, and we’re opening those performances up to a small number of readers.


If you’d like to see White Fence—whose excellent Cyclops Reap came out a couple of weeks ago—play in Los Angeles around lunchtime on Wednesday, May 7, just tweet the word Fence, along with the hashtags #Pioneering and #LoveToday. Some kind of lunch will be served as well, courtesy of The A.V. Club and Honda.

Make sure you’re following @TheAVClub, and you’ll receive a link to sign up. Capacity is limited, naturally. We will contact the lucky few no later than 48 hours before the performance with full details.

Pioneering will culminate in a big event in Chicago, too—and we’ll be releasing details for that in the coming weeks.

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