In case you missed it, The A.V. Club recently debuted our newest video series, Pop Pilgrims, a travel show where we visit various landmarks made famous through their use in pop culture. You can find new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as we hit up 12 cities in all, discussing three different locations in each. And while we’ve already got 11 episodes mapped out—including our visit to Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza and the church where Dustin Hoffman ruined a perfectly lovely wedding in The Graduate—we want you to tell us where to go next. Click here to give us your suggestions for where to film the final episode and beyond. While you’re there, you can also read other folks’ recommendations and vote on whether they’re worthwhile. We’ve received a lot of good ideas so far, but some states could use some love; surely there’s something worth seeing in South Carolina, Nebraska, or Vermont?

And as another reminder, you can check out Pop Pilgrims here at our YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to get automatic updates, watch everything in HD, and soon receive some exclusive video content.