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We’re not, like, mad or anything. These things happen all the time. You’re so busy planning a sweet hang sesh’ with the boys that you overlook one or two minor details. And hey, it looks like it was a real kickass time with the bros. Just wish we could have been there, is all.


Again, we’re totally not upset at finding this photo of Sly Stallone, his brother Frank, Guy Fieri, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Suger [sic] Ray Leonard, Frank Grillo, Jay Glazer...oh, and would you look at that...Al Pacino all smokin’ stogies and watching “the fights” on a rainy day while scrolling through our Instagram feed. Look, our invite probably got lost in the mail, is all. Right?

Just curious, is that Sly’s house? There are what look to be life-sized oil paintings of Rocky in the background, so maybe. Sly seems like a guy who’d hang portraits of himself in his prime around his dojo. But, then again, there also appears to be a full-service bar there, too. Does Sly Stallone have a fully stocked boxing match hangout room? That also certainly sounds in character, but then again, any of these cool cats look like the type to have the exact same layout in their own digs. Does Frank Stallone have portraits of his brother hanging from his basement full-service bar? That sounds in character, too, now that we think about it.

Anyway, looks like it was a bitchin’ blast, bros. We’ll double-check the mailbox outside. Did you send an e-vite? Our email has got, like, hella spam blockers, so maybe that was the problem. Anyway, just keep us posted about the next throwdown, muchachos. We’ve got a gnarly quadruple-cheese dip that Fieri’s gonna flip over.

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