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Our commenters took the Olympics and made them Community-themed

Here at The A.V. Club, our readership is organized, responsive, and for the most part very passionate about Community. When Todd VanDerWerff ended his review of the season 3 finale episodes with a call for 100,000 comments, our readers responded in stride—two months and countless GIFS of Annie's Boobs later, you are still going strong.

At the start of the actual Olympics, several commenters started the Commentarium Zone Olympic Games, a competition existing within this very site's comment threads. Among the Games already played is a screencap-collecting contest hosted by commenters ALittleBirdie and 5000 Candles In The Wind, in which participants posted links to screencaps pertaining to certain categories, including 'Dean-stumes', 'Vicki Sightings', and, of course, 'Abed curves the corners of his lips upward'.


You can find the beginnings of these Olympiad threads here and here, or see the threads in their entirety by going to the article, sorting the comments by oldest first, and going to page 238, which is a sort of a painful process. But we have seen how dedicated you are, and we believe in you.

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