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Our collective horniness for seltzer has birthed “LaCroix porn”

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty

LaCroix! It’s a liquid. People like it. Someone you know is probably going as a can of it for Halloween. But while you might think the internet’s current fascination for flavored seltzer water would have reached its natural memetic conclusion by now—what with the songs, the thinkpieces, and the trendy DIY ad campaign—you would be wrong. Because now, someone has foisted LaCroix-themed porn onto the world.

Filmed by Olivia Morrow, and written by M.G. and Yeni Sleidi, “La Croixxx” is more of a comedy sketch than an actual exercise in titillation. But it’s also very much Not Safe For Work, as well as Not Safe For People Who Want To Drink LaCroix Without Thinking About People’s Butts. (If we’re being honest, it was probably Not Safe For Us.)


Still, it’s always refreshing to see an idea taken to its natural, tightly executed end point. (Plus, there’s a fun pamplemousse joke at the end.)

[via The Daily Dot]


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