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Other bald British man cast in new Transporter film

With Luc Besson determined to make three more Transporter films, and Jason Statham determined to make more Transporter films that are not technically The Transporter, the director has been forced to cast his “origin” tale with another actor who can properly capture the character’s qualities of being British and bald. According to Variety, it’s Ed Skrein, whose Britishness and occasional baldness make him ideal for a role requiring both of those things. Skrein is also no stranger to sudden, unexplained changes in character appearance, having recently been replaced by Michiel Huisman in the part of Daario Naharis in Game Of Thrones, making him sympathetic to just sort of ignoring that.

He’ll now star in a new Transporter trilogy that Besson says will give “more depth” to the character of Frank Martin beyond his Britishness and baldness and yen for transporting. For instance, the next film will “explore Martin’s relationship with his father,” who will be played by “a prominent thesp” that we’ll also assume is British and bald. Congratulations to Sir Ben Kingsley, presumably.


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