The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has narrowed down its list of feature films eligible for Best Picture at the 87th annual Academy Awards. Out of the thousands produced in 2014, 323 films met the Academy’s criteria for eligibility, which include a running time of more than 40 minutes and a commercial run of a week or more in a movie theater in Los Angeles County before December 31. The list, which can be downloaded in full on the Oscars website, includes titles almost guaranteed to appear on the Academy’s nominations list (Boyhood) as well as some whose Oscar dreams are best described as “ambitious” (Atlas Shrugged, Part III: Who Is John Galt?). Saving Christmas did not make the Academy’s list, presumably because of atheists. It’s going to take weeks of continuous viewing to catch up on all 323 movies, so you better get busy if you want your Internet diatribes to be well-informed when the nominations are announced on January 15.