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Oscars accountants hire security after people start showing up at their homes

(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Accountant Brian Cullinan—a.k.a., the guy who’s probably not going to be including “Oscar envelope delivery guy” on any resumes he may or may not soon be writing—has been forced to take some added precautions in his day-to-day life. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cullinan’s employer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, has hired security guards for both him and Martha Ruiz, his partner at last Sunday’s Oscars, after people began showing up at their homes in the wake of the big Best Picture debacle. (Both accountants’ addresses were quickly spread around social media in the wake of the mistake, because this is the internet, and nobody is safe.)

Cullinan or Ruiz haven’t received any actual death threats yet, but it’s clear that at least a few people are still pretty miffed at them for giving Warren Beatty the wrong envelope on Sunday night, and then not stopping the proceedings once La La Land was incorrectly announced. (It doesn’t help that PwC and the Oscars producers have both been publicly pointing the blame at the two for the last few days.) And while the two clearly goofed, it’s also pretty clear that international humiliation should suffice for their punishment, and that the folks harassing them need to cut it the fuck out, no matter how much they lost on their annual Oscar pool.


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