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Oscar winner Jim Rash writing potentially Oscar-winning episode of Community

He's won an Oscar for adapting a screenplay already, so one would assume that Jim Rash would be perfectly capable of writing an episode of Community. And by "assume" we mean "be convinced after Rash strides into the writers' room and casually drops his Oscar on the table, then answers any questions about his intentions for the episode by holding it up and going, 'Maybe we should ask Oscar? Oscar, what do you think? Oh, you think I won an Oscar and therefore everyone should SHUT UP? Sorry, Oscar gets a little arrogant about the Oscars." Anyway, Rash and his Oscar are indeed finally writing an episode of Community, according to Vulture, one that "revolves around an alumni weekend at Greendale" and hopefully means a return for Luis Guzmán. "Hey Luis, in this episode you play a guy who's never won an Oscar," Rash will say in his phone call. "Oh me? No, no. I've won an Oscar."


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