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Oscar Isaac played in a bunch of ska bands, so here’s a bunch of Oscar Isaac ska puns

Illustration: Caitlin PenzeyMoog
Illustration: Caitlin PenzeyMoog

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel pressed guest Oscar Isaac on the aspects of his musical past that don’t involve taking a beating while Bob Dylan gets discovered at the Gaslight. Namely: The Star Wars star’s time with Petrified Frogs, Closet Heterosexuals, The Worms, and other participants in the South Florida ska scene of the 1990s. Not exactly the types of acts that’ll show up as background players in a future Coen brothers movie, but Isaacs’ band The Blinking Underdogs did rub shoulders with third-wave royalty, opening for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones—whose Dicky Barrett now moonlights as Kimmel’s announcer. Mashable has since gone to the trouble of digging up video of The Worms, seen entertaining the sweaty, skanking youth of West Palm Beach in the footage below.

Of course, The A.V. Club has ulterior motives for bringing this to your attention: The groan-worthy catalog of wordplay we frantically type-shouted after Senior Editor Marah Eakin threw the Mashable link into a group Slack chat. And, so without further skado (and with much skanks to my fellow staffers), we proudly present The Most Important List of Oscar Isaac Ska Puns of the Afternoon:

  • O-ska-r Isaac
  • X-Men: A-ska-calypse
  • Ex Machinska (featuring Evska, the skanking robot)
  • Nick Wasicska
  • Moskave
  • The Force Skawakens
  • Poe Skameron
  • Inside Llewyn Skavis
  • Skank Me, Oh Skank Me
  • Inskam T-65 X-wing skafighter
  • S F-oi!-ls Locked In Skattack Position
  • In honor of Issac’s A Most Violent Year co-star: Jessiska Skastain
  • Double bill: The Light Ska-d and The Dark Ska-d
  • Honorable mention for a real band that could’ve played with The Blinking Underdogs: Luke Skawalker