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Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany twists and shakes to mimic emojis

(Screenshot: YouTube)

We all know Tatiana Maslany can play just about any character under the sun. On Orphan Black, she has played nearly a dozen different characters, some of them at the same time, some of them in the same frame. Maslany’s chameleonic abilities can make even the most astute of Orphan Black viewers forget they’re watching the same woman over and over and over. She possesses a nearly magical ability to transform. We also assume she has one of the craziest shooting schedules of any television lead in the game right now. But ahead of Orphan Black’s season-four finale, Maslany took some time to give Vanity Fair another award-worthy performance… as emojis.

Yes, Maslany transformed into several of the most useful emojis for a video called “IRL Emojis,” contorting her face to portray a whole range of cartoon emotions. Her impression of the ghost with his tongue (what is up with that jovial ghost?) is uncanny, and she creatively uses her perfect hair to imitate fire. They throw her a curveball with the poop emoji, but Maslany just jokes that she left a shit on her chair. Are we as a society finally ready to give Maslany the awards she deserves?


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