Orphan Black

As reported by Deadline, NBC’s upcoming Heroes Reborn event series has just claimed another poor soul: Orphan Black‘s Dylan Bruce, who—to put it one way—recently found an opening in his schedule. Deadline says any information about his character is “being kept under wraps,” so we don’t know who he’ll be playing, but we can assume he’ll either be someone with superpowers or someone without superpowers. Or, in a classic Heroes twist, maybe he’ll be both? We have no idea, but since we’re talking about Heroes here, the people actually making the show probably don’t have any idea either.

Heroes Reborn will premiere on NBC this fall, and it’ll feature Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, and Jimmy Jean-Louis reprising their roles from the original series. Newcomers include Zachary Levi, Gatlin Green, and Ryan Guzman. Now, let’s all do our best to remain cautiously optimistic about this. It is the A.V. Club way, after all.