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The Met Gala—described as “the Grammys of style” by unrepentant narcissist and confirmed fashion dork Kanye West—is always a lavish affair, where beautiful, rich people don custom-made creations worth more than the average American’s car and strut around for the sheer oligarchical pleasure of it. And this year’s event was even more Hunger Games-esque than usual, thanks to the evening’s theme of “Manus x Machina.”

Beyonce wore the skin of her enemies adorned with little LED lights, Rose Byrne kidnapped a drill team and sewed their flags together into an outfit, Zoe Kravitz fell face-first into a high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Lady Gaga flew in from her new gig as Flash Gordon’s assistant. Bette Midler re-ignited speculation on Hocus Pocus 2: Witches In Space, co-starring Katy Perry and Nicole Kidman. Overall, a sort of “Metropolis clubwear” aesthetic prevailed—except for Madonna, who went with “Renaissance pony-play couture.”


But there was one example of dystopian excess that reigned above all, a truly wasteful act that blatantly thumbed its nose at the American underclass. We speak, of course, of Orlando Bloom’s Tamagotchi. Throughout the evening, Bloom reportedly allowed his little egg-shaped electronic pet to just shit all over itself, ignoring its tiny cries for love and attention. It might just be an ironic accessory to you, Orlando Bloom, but think of all the ’90s kids out there who might take on a Tamagotchi before they’re ready because they saw you doing it. Assuming ’90s kids know who Orlando Bloom is.

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