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Original Tamagotchis are back, try not to kill them this time

Photo: Spencer Weiner / Getty Images

Putting the concept of “adulting” to the test, Japanese toy maker Bandai has re-launched its original line of Tamagotchi “virtual pets” to find out whether people who were kids in the ’90s are any better equipped to handle the responsibility of keeping a toy alive than they were 20 years ago. The toys went on sale in Japan at the beginning of April, according to Business Insider, and come in the same six colors used in their original launch back in 1996. The new-original Tamagotchi are half the size of the original-original Tamagotchi, but are otherwise the same, in contrast with the company’s attempts to update the toy’s charmingly retrograde graphics with lines like the recent “Tamagotchi Digital Friends.”

If you want one of these new-old Tamagotchis and don’t have the cash for a plane ticket to Japan, at the moment your best option is Amazon.co.jp, which is selling the little guys for ¥1,900 apiece. International shipping drives up that cost further, of course, but even then they’re probably cheaper than the $100 or more the 1996 version of the toys can fetch on eBay.

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