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Original Matilda illustrator Quentin Blake revisits her, 30 years older and living her best lives

Photo: Getty Images

Roald Dahl’s Matilda remains one of the most beloved kids books ever, a funny, sometimes scary reminder that, while reading and imagination can’t always protect kids from the shitty things that life throws at them, it can at least help them to survive. As with many of Dahl’s classics, much of Matilda’s charm comes from the work of illustrator Quentin Blake, whose sketchy portraits of Miss Honey, the Trunchbull, and the entirety of the Wormwood clan helped bring the British author’s worlds and words to life.

Now, Blake has decided to revisit one of his most beloved characters, with BBC News showing off a series of recent images showing what Matilda might be up to in 2018, to celebrate the book’s 30th anniversary:


Fans who grew up with the young prodigy will be happy to know that she is, unsurprisngly, thriving and kicking ass; it’s not clear if Blake’s various portraits depict a variety of possible futures for Matilda, or if she manages to split her time between being a renowned astrophysicist, poet laureate, librarian, special effects expert, and world traveler. (We wouldn’t put it past her, really.)

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