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Original Easy A writer developing new spin-off, possibly without Emma Stone

Emma Stone in 2010
Photo: David Livingston (Getty Images)

Nearly a decade after Easy A turned Emma Stone into a star, Screen Gems has decided that it’s time to go back and do a sequel—or a “spin-off,” though that doesn’t seem like the right word (we’ll get to that later). This comes from Variety, which says Screen Gems has enlisted original screenwriter Bert Royal to write and direct the new movie, which will be some kind of follow-up with “the same themes” as the original film. That one starred Stone as a boring high school student who allows everyone at her high school to believe she’s extremely promiscuous in order to become more popular and to stick it to a judgmental church group. There was also a whole Scarlet Letter thing because Emma Stone’s character was reading it in class.

That all might be irrelevant, though, because Variety says it will focus on a “new group of students and teachers” at the same school, with Emma Stone herself not expected to return. That means “reboot” is probably the more accurate term, unless there’s some other character from the first movie who comes back, but even then it would probably be more of a sequel than a spin-off. Really, spin-off is just a tricky word to use in regards to a single movie that came out in 2010, so let’s just say that there’s going to be a new entry in the Easy A cinematic universe (or EACU, which also contains any cinematic adaptations of The Scarlet Letter).


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