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Oreo gives the internet too much power, asks fans to create their own cookie flavors

(Photo: Getty Images/Corbis, Richard Levine)

Certain food brands have been around forever because they spent time and money carefully designing products that they know people will like, and while Lay’s has had a lot of success by asking people to submit ideas for chip flavors and then letting consumers vote on the best ones, the wacky flavors that actually out of that are still the result of a lot of research and development. When companies actually let normal people loose and allow them to dream up their own food ideas, the results are almost as always terrible—as indicated by those machines that let you combine soda flavors to create your own sugary cup of hell juice.

Recently, Oreo launched a project called My Oreo Creation that allowed fans to use Twitter to pitch their own Oreo ideas for a chance to win $5,000, and though the company has been making its own weird flavors for a while now, nobody could be prepared for an idea as awful as an avocado-flavored cookie. According to Mashable, that suggestion in particular gained some ground, as did stuff like “Unicorn,” kettle corn, and cherry cola, all of which could probably just be branded as “sugar.”


Some of the people who suggested these weird flavors are even getting a once-in-a-lifetime chances to see just how wrong they are, as the Oreo people have been sending a few participants sample cookies based on their flavor ideas:


Unfortunately, assuming that Oreo is telling the truth about these “one-of-a-kind” creations from the “wonder vault,” the rest of us will never get a chance to see just how unwise an Oreo flavor like cherry cola or avocado truly is.

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