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Ordinary Lives offers up a “Time Tested” first single

Ordinary Lives (Photo courtesy of band)

Philadelphia’s Ordinary Lives may be a new band but its members have a history that makes it more exciting than most new bands. Featuring members of Bridge And Tunnel, Saetia, and Off Minor, the band members now how to make heavy music that remains subtle and thoughtful in its approach. The A.V. Club is premiering the first song off the band’s three-song, debut 7-inch, which is being released by four labels total. “Time Tested” is a song that opens with a declarative stomp and a loping guitar riff that splits the difference between angular post-hardcore and a metallic bludgeoning. The song rarely confines itself to one sound for long, re-contextualizing riffs and tossing in new parts without ever getting lost in them.

Pre-orders for Ordinary Lives are available through Square Of Opposition, State Of Mind, and Tor Johnson Records in the United States, and Yo-Yo Records in Europe.


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