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As viewers dive headfirst into the second season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and enthusiastically lap up new episodes—slowly at first, then with more focus and intensity as the story arc reaches its climax—they may well find themselves wondering how many vaginal references the series has made thus far. “Plenty,” suggests a dandy new Vulture supercut by multimedia journalist Abraham Riesman, who dutifully assembled the clip at the behest of writer Margaret Lyons. Among the revelations in “Every Vagina Reference On Orange Is The New Black”: Taylor Schilling doesn’t really seem comfortable talking about “down there,” while Natasha Lyonne and Laura Prepon are marvelously at ease when discussing “pussy muscles” and “blood-sucking dragon cunts.” Also, if you overhear a woman say, “I don’t do sausage in my breakfast sandwich,” she may not be referring strictly to the breakfast menu at McDonald’s.


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