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Orange Is The New Black’s real Alex Vause is writing a memoir

Catherine Cleary Wolters is the real-life inspiration behind the character Nora—or in the TV show, Alex Vause—in Piper Kerman’s bestseller-turned-Netflix-mega-hit Orange Is The New Black. And while she did traffic heroin and money for an alleged Nigerian kingpin and romantically involve herself with Kerman, Wolters’ life is a far cry from that of Laura Prepon’s character. As such, she’s landed a book deal with HarperOne to tell her side of the story with her own memoir, titled Out Of Orange.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book will focus on Wolters’ “complicated relationship with Kerman, the time leading up to her own arrest and her own experiences in prison.” Wolters told Vanity Fair that she was working on a memoir earlier this year, and revealed a few fascinating snippets from her and Kerman’s complicated relationship that differ from the drastically fictionalized series. For example, how Wolters slept with lots of inmates—just never with Kerman. She also had two prison wives. Wolters’ narcotic globetrotting and rampant prison sex could make for a fascinating read, and more than just a supplement to Orange Is The New Black. Out Of Orange is due to be published in May 2015.


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