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Orange Is The New Black hacker threatens to leak... something... from ABC

Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder, an ABC show that hackers might … leak … or something. (Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images)

A month after a hacker leaked episodes of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black when the streaming service failed to give in to their ransom demands, a similar threat has now been levied against ABC to release … something… from its … lineup of shows. Earlier today, the person or persons known as “The Dark Overlord,” archfiend of the hoary netherworld between our reality and Reddit, crawled forth from his crepuscular kingdom, sounding his intent to cry havoc and let loose … some ABC programming.

American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen.

— thedarkoverlord (@tdohack3r) June 2, 2017

Punctuated by the thin shriek of bats and the little popping sound of the Twitter app as The Dark Overlord pitilessly refreshed his notifications, the edict was as terrifying as it was vague, offering no hints of what stolen treasures it might release from ABC’s priceless… lineup of stuff. Nevertheless, it’s believed to be part of the same bounty purloined from a small post-production company last year, which the hacker or hackers have claimed includes shows from ABC, Fox, IFC, CBS, and NatGeo, as well as Netflix.


Previously, The Dark Overlord was known for primarily targeting healthcare companies and other places who would face serious legal repercussions if its private data were released, leading analysts to speculate that attacking the entertainment sector was really just a publicity ruse, intended to intimidate future victims. And to demonstrate just how much horrible power it wields, The Dark Overlord is now prepared to leak … some ABC shows. Quantico, maybe? Would The Dark Overlord dare be so dastardly as to spoil Quantico?!

As the world trembles in wait, The Dark Overlord’s loyal minions have already begun baying for the content blood feast that will surely rain down soon upon their waiting mouths! Oh how they have snapped their ravenous jaws in anticipation of tearing into the complicit propagandists of the mainstream media, upon whom they will now exact their revenge by watching some How To Get Away With Murder!

MSM has been brainwashing the world for years! Good job mate. Can we request? How to get away with murder please

— Katia (@KatiaSmagina) June 2, 2017

Oh how they have waited for this day—to see wrongs so wickedly righted with swift and pernicious retribution, to see chaos restore a more righteous order!

MAKE THEM put #TimAllen back on the air first..!

— DavoNYCee (@DavoNyCee) June 2, 2017

Oh how they snarl and gnash their teeth and bellow for The Walking Dead! Oh how they… Oh, that’s on AMC. Oh.

Yes, for ABC’s treacherous promotion of secret, Satanic globalist child sex-rings, it deserves all the leaked episodes of The Catch these modern-day Guy Fawkes can muster! Strike swift and true and justly, Dark Overlord, like a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!


Anyway, ABC hasn’t yet issued a response, presumably too paralyzed with fear that merciless internet pirates might soon be able to … download some ABC shows.


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