Good news for all of our Chicago A.V. Club staffers (and anyone else looking for a reason to visit the Windy City, besides a desire to pay way too much for parking): Construction has begun on the new Oprah Winfrey store near the talk show host/cultural demagogue's Harpo Studios. Details are sketchy, and a Winfrey spokeswoman—perhaps with an empowering Whitney Houston song blaring in the background—proudly declined to offer an opening date or any further details, but most speculate that the store will carry things currently available in the Oprah Boutique section of her website, including the $88 African Bead Art and $24 "O Baby" Hat And Mittens Set, and (according to the article) "must-haves such as the $14 iPod cover with the Oprah logo." (What, you don't have an Oprah iPod cover? Excuse us while we openly mock you.)