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Oprah proclaims that her new network will not call anyone a bitch

While little is known so far about how, exactly, Oprah Winfrey’s new OWN cable channel will usher in a new era of enlightenment and product placement, there is one thing we do know for sure: On Oprah's channel, you won’t hear the word “bitch.” During a speech at the Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference (sorry, you missed it), Winfrey said that her network will be “fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches. Imagine that. Imagine.” Is such a thing possible? We’ll find out as soon as the channel launches on Nov. 1. Winfrey also provided a glimpse into the secret origins of her latest vanity endeavor: “Growing up, I could never find my name on any of those license plates or lunchboxes. Now, I know what it was for—to start my own network. A whole network, a whole channel that we're designing to carry the Oprah Winfrey message.” So if amusement parks had only thought to include an “OPRAH” with its BORT license plates, Oprah might never have happened. Imagine that. Imagine.


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