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Oppressed men suffer another setback as ABC cancels Man Up!

ABC had already passed on ordering more episodes of Man Up! and left the freshman comedy off its midseason lineup, essentially canceling it without officially canceling it. But just like a man who’s hilariously unable to read signals from his woman no matter how many hints she drops, Man Up! continued to just sit there on Tuesday nights, playing Xbox in its underwear and drinking beer and all like, “What?” So ABC finally just came right out and said it, pulling the show from its timeslot effective next week, because obviously that’s the only way to get through. This makes Man Up! the second of this season’s strangely bumper crop of “mancession” comedies to be canceled, following in the wake of CBS’ How To Be A Gentleman. For now, the sole success story out of that fake, forced genre, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, will fill both halves of ABC’s Tuesday night Emasculation Comedy Hour, until winter arrives bringing with it the cross-dressing sitcom Work It, and man’s sexual liberation begins in earnest.


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