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Children’s music can be fairly horrible, save for songs like “Everything Is Awesome.” Luckily, smart musicians are growing up, having kids, and making albums for said kids. That’s what happened with MC Frontalot’s new record, Question Bedtime. The record features contributions from parents and non-parents alike, including Kid Koala, Busdriver, Jean Grae, Sole, John Roderick, The Protomen, MC Chris, Parry Gripp, Kyle Kinane, Paul F. Tompkins, and Open Mike Eagle, who appears on “Much Chubbier,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Question Bedtime’s material is kid-appropriate, of course, but it’s also not intolerable for parents or similarly aged adults, thank heaven. And, as listeners to “Much Chubbier” will find, even old tales of three gruff little goats can be made funky.


MC Frontalot is on tour later this summer, and dates are below.


MC Frontalot tour 2014

Aug 19—Rex Theater—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug. 20—Tiger Room at CS3—Fort Wayne, Indiana
Aug. 21—Subterranean—Chicago, Illinois
Aug. 25—TBD—Denver, Colorado
Aug. 26—The Stateroom—Salt Lake City, Utah
Sept. 1—El Corazon—Seattle, Washington
Sept. 2—Dante’s—Portland, Oregon
Sept. 4—Brick & Mortar—San Francisco, California
Sept. 7—TBD—Phoenix, Arizona
Sept. 9—Three Links—Dallas, Texas
Sept. 10—TBD—Austin, Texas
Sept. 11—TBD—Houston, Texas
Sept. 12—Northgate Tavern—Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sept. 13—Beatnik—New Orleans, Louisiana
Sept. 14—Center Stage—Atlanta, Georgia
Sept. 16—TBD—Charlotte, North Carolina
Sept. 17—King’s Barcade—Raleigh, North Carolina
Sept. 18—TBD—Baltimore, Maryland
Sept. 19—North Star Bar—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sept. 20—TBD—New York, New York

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