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Only Disney+ is worthy to stream Avengers: Endgame

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Well, it looks like Disney CEO Bob Iger has used the Infinity Stones, with his company’s longtime partnership with Netflix officially crumbling to dust like Thanos’ army—though Iger’s reward is $65 million, not a tragic death scene. For a while now, new Disney movies (and Marvel movies and Star Wars movies) have hit Netflix a ways after their digital and home video releases, but one by one they’ve begun to disappear from Netflix as the Disney+ streaming service’s development has ramped up. We learned way back in 2017 that an attempt to keep the Disney content on Netflix had fallen through, and when Iger finally announced some information about the Disney+ launch earlier this year, he mentioned that Captain Marvel would be available to stream from day one and that it won’t be on Netflix at all.


Now, /Film is reporting that Avengers: Endgame will also be exclusive to Disney+, though it won’t make it for the service’s launch on November 12. Instead, you’ll have to wait a month to see America’s ass again (unless you just buy Endgame on digital or Blu-ray, which will be available long before this), with Endgame exclusively hitting Disney+ on December 11 of this year. It may seem like a tough blow for Netflix to lose out on one of the most successful movies of all time, not to mention every other Marvel movie and Star Wars movie, but it’s got the Obamas working on a bunch of projects. They’re at least on par with Marvel and Star Wars.

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