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Online scalpers in New York now face jail time

Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Getty Images

We’ve all been there: waiting anxiously to buy tickets online for a real-life event we’re actually going to leave the house to attend. But even after getting the time zone right and clicking feverishly to reload, we can still come up empty. More often than not, that’s thanks to a ticket bot, which scoops up tickets in bulk to hold them for ransom, i.e., resale. Suddenly, even general admission prices jump to just out of our reach. Some states have already banned the automated programs, but Pitchfork reports New York is seeking a little more justice for thwarted concertgoers. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s just signed a new law that criminalizes the bot practice, giving scalpers one less venue for gouging would-be attendees. Using a ticket bot is now a class A misdemeanor, which means significant fines and possible jail time. This is more than just a local effort, though, as similar legislation has been introduced in Congress.


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