Photo: Baboon Creation

There are two types of people in the world: Those who eagerly countdown to the first day it’s socially acceptable to put up Halloween decorations and those who realize a few days before Halloween that it’s time to throw together a costume. The graphic design company Baboon Creation is definitely the former. The site has been counting down to Halloween since October 1 with graphics than transform horror’s scariest creatures into adorable GIFs.

They kicked things off with Frankenstein’s monster—who’s inexplicably wearing a Flash t-shirt—and then jumped all over the horror canon to honor everyone from Chucky to Carrie to Cousin Itt. Baboon Creation handled the art direction, while artist Simon Lagneau completed the motion design. Each GIF also links to a YouTube video that shows the creature in action—from Edward Scissorhands cutting hair to Slimer sliming. Some of our favorites are below and the full set can be viewed on Baboon Creation’s website, where you’ll be able to find nine more creatures in the days leading up to Halloween.