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One YouTube user made the definitive Christmas Carol from 10 different versions

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Hello, friends. Are you like us? Do you watch adaptations of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens’ immortal holiday classic, and find yourself wondering, “Hey, where’s the ghostly hearse that passes Scrooge on the stairs as he goes up to bed that fateful evening?” Because that only happens to us all of the time, so we can only imagine that lots of you feel the very same way!


That’s why we’re so grateful that YouTube user Jack Hodges has mashed up 10 different filmed versions of the story to make a completely exhaustive adaptation of the book that catches each and every little moment of the story, right down to that weird section where Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present fly around and visit miners and sailors and stuff. He includes everything from Scrooged to Richard Williams’ brilliant early ‘70s adaptation to A Muppet Christmas Carol. What results is eerily close to the book, and it even sort of feels like a pretty solid adaptation of the story you know so well, if you can adjust to Bob Cratchit being a human in one moment, an animated character in the next, and a puppet in the next.

The whole thing can be watched here, or you can watch part one below.

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