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One way to a hedgehog’s heart is through its stomach

Screenshot: Instagram

You have to be smart if you want to get past the quills of a hedgehog to experience the joy of its soft underbelly. More importantly, you have to be willing to share your food, as this service video below proves.


Meet Azuki, a resident of Japan, who has a hankering for apples and who gets rather hangry if he doesn’t get them, which might just be part of the celebrity temperament that comes with having over 40,000 followers on his Instagram account. An Instagram account that includes must-see gems like these:


The account also offers further visual pointers on how to make a hedgehog happy, which includes giving it some soothing chin scratches.


So, if you want to get in good with a ’hog, just remember, you’re going to have to work for their affection.

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