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One part The Walking Dead and one part Dawson’s Creek yields another opening credits mashup

Last night The Walking Dead filled in more of The Governor’s story since his failed assault on Rick’s group at the prison, this time in a new camp near a tranquil pond, with a new group of survivors and some beers. The atmosphere was briefly relaxed and wistful, at least until what The Governor needed to do at the end of the dock at the pond, but that’s how this opening credits mashup with Dawson’s Creek happened. Featuring Paula Cole’s now-immortal “I Don’t Want To Wait,” the video casts all the major players in “Dead Weight,” with tinges of romance on the edges. It’s a brief and diverting clip that pokes fun at The Governor’s super-serious attitude. If only there was a clip of David Morrissey crying like James Van Der Beek somewhere.

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